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Intro for Visually Challenged

Award Winning 2x BC Club DJ Spin Off Champion

Discover Rod DJ Daddy Mack with years of experience both DJing and MCing small and large events. He has worked various clubs & events in Victoria, BC including Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Public Fund-Raising and Sports Events for various companies. He has a library of over 100,000 digital songs and is CPDJA & Connect Music Licensing licensed to play digital music in any public forum.

Experience why Daddy Mack Sound & Design offers a  100% guarantee.has

Our Mission

Experience Rod DJ Daddy Mack’s mission to play YOUR music for YOUR event.  Rod’s extensive Club DJ background,  can transform your house party into a downtown club atmosphere in your home or venue.

Feel what Rod DJ Daddy Mack can do to make it YOUR best party ever! Experience how he will make it a party that appeals to ALL AGES as Rod Mack has all the latest and older hits in clean lyric versions as needed.

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DJ Daddy Mack 2X Canadian BC Club DJ Spin off Champion
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