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Victoria's Best bar/bat Mitzvah DJ

Here is why your son’s/daughter’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration will be one of the most memorable and joyous events in his/her life. You want everything to be flawless, and DJ Daddy Mack  will make sure this day is as perfect as it should be.

DJ Daddy Mack wants your family’s celebration to be 100% worry free, and that starts with careful pre-planning. We will sit down with your family and discuss every detail of the party, create a custom event itinerary including music, toasts, games, candle lighting, etc.

Our staff is set up and ready to go at least one hour before your guests arrive. We use a state of the art sound systems and come prepared with a complete back up system in the rare case of any equipment troubles.

Experience why Daddy Mack Sound & Design offers a 100% guarantee

Should you need a safe alternative to our “New Normal”. DJ Daddy Mack now offers a smaller wedding/Bar-Bat Mitzvah in combination live  DJ and streaming your special event online. For all over the world who wish to experience your special day, but cannot. DJ Daddy Mack in combination. You can now have a live DJ and stream your special event online.

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Try the Services we provide

  • Discover all YOUR Mitzvahs Music, All YOUR  Music for 2 1/2 hours of traditional and favorite  background music.
  • We supply an appropriate professional  2000 Watt Sound System with Sub Woofer.
  • Discover our 100,000 legal digital songs of new and old. All Current music in a Clean Lyric version as not to offend.
  • Experience the Laser & multi-effect lighting. Also a hazer for subtle cloud effects. 4 Custom Mix CD’s of all today’s top hit music.
  • We also design Custom Request Sheets so guest can request music,   MC +1-2 Person DJ and assistance with games. Custom Event Posters & Web Pages can be added by Jagworks Designs at a small charge
  • Experience why Daddy Mack Sound & Design offers a 100% guarantee
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Custom poster / ticket and web page designs for any event as well we offer social media posting if it is desired. By the design company jagworks Designs Just click image to the left.

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  • Discover all we have in types of music for any type of wedding including clean lyric songs for all ages with over 100,000 legal songs