To find out more about DJ Daddy Mack’s  “live” & “Online Live” combination to adapt to the “New Normal” that can include many others to attend your event, click on logo to the left.

For Examples of live shows with DJ Daddy Mack(c) skip the DJ to online DJ click on thumb nails below

Unofficial Bonnie Pointer RIP Mix
One Hit Wonder Mix 1 hour
Music mix by underground artist Rennie Foster and RF records Vancouver BC

This is how Rod DJ Daddy Mack Prepares for your event. If it is going to be live or in combination -Live & Online- Please just click on image of SJ Daddy Mack on the left

This is what DJ Daddy Mack can offer live streaming to.

1) A comprehensive online safe DJ entertainment service

2) We can stream live on all different kinds of meeting websites as well as our own.

i.e. Zoom, Google Meet, Mixcloud, YouTube or through my website

3)  We can also provide with a live on camera performance from our Professional DJ

4) DJ will be dress appropriately for the theme of the booked occasion

i.e.  Proper shirt and tie for formal occasions, relaxed but appropriate entire for the occasion as expressed by customer.

5) We will also provide mood lighting in our live studio for event.

6) We can also provide a light show projected onto all online participant’s monitors/smart TV’s.

7) the cost includes a complimentary 6 picture slide show with your approval. It can be shown every 15 or 30 min its your option

8) If you can supply us with a clean video of your choice we can present  that in your online show as well.

9) Your event live or online will be a full on request event via text to your live DJ or live online

Call Rod DJ Daddy Mack(c) for prices and details for your special event!

Coming soon the combined option of small party event with a live DJ live DJ performance with online production too. That can accomodate friends/family from all over the world

Skip the

            Skip the is your live streaming, all request DJs for any event online, and including two of Victoria’s most experienced DJs. In this new age of COVID-19 we have developed a new way to a live stream a safe DJ event experience. We have pooled our talents and our DJ experience and ability and now can express them online for you or your event. We can offer safe events, family functions, birthdays, weddings, corporate staff parties, stat holidays, etc. Online you can invite participants from all over the world to your event in a safe, affordable fashion.

            For all events our DJs will work with the couple, person(s), or company so that the right music will be featured at your event. We can do events that can entertain all ages. We have clean lyric top songs of all types, as our DJs are very experienced when we have done many schools in Victoria. We have experience setting up live DJ streaming on “Zoom”, “Mixcloud”, “YouTube unlisted”, “Google Meet”, almost any online service that will allow live DJ streaming.

            For your event (i.e. Rave or club event), our DJs have over 60 combined years of mixing in nightclubs and private events.  Our DJs include award winning club mixing DJs. We also can supply online for any event a live viewing of your DJ in action. As well we can supply on all the monitors a laser light show.

            An added feature for any event is the ability to supply a slide show or video premade to show to all your persons invited to your event (please enquire about costs). We can also put together a slide show or movie short for your event (please enquire about the cost of this service).

            Skip the would like to offer this online and combination experience for safe music memory events, which can be featured in venue and all over the world


DJ Daddy Mack has two safe ways to experience an online live DJ

We have a public function DJ Daddy Mack(c) does regular shows of his choice on.

We offer a password protected page.

to have a DJ link to your hired for anytype of private function off his website

DJ Daddy Mack online coming soon