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DJ Daddy Mack wedding "ceremony" Online option

     Good day Event Customer:

How would you like  the opportunity to combine a DJ service with a private, password protected streaming internet channel?

Rod DJ Daddy Mack© would like to offer you an idea that suits Streaming to Friends and Family that can’t attend

        I offer a combination of a DJ, custom music, and live online streaming through this website, so only those provided with a password by private invitation can connect.

           In addition to offering live online streaming, as a 40+ year experienced DJ with a huge legal catalogue of music, I can also supply custom requested music via text or request sheets at any event.  I have devised an added option using technology to flawlessly transition through your event and keep your guests entertained. With two video cameras and wireless microphone I can transform your short personal event into a virtual TV studio. Whether it’s a board meeting, staff party, or wedding ceremony, I will make your virtual attendees feel like they are in the room. So, I have the experience and means to make your event special. I can also record your event, so that you & your guests have the option of a permanent memory.

          This unique service is not offered by any other DJ company in Victoria.  So, whether you are hosting a wedding, board meeting, or party, DJ Daddy Mack has you covered. With this value-added service, you will have the ability to attract a wider variety of guests to your event.
 This unique, one-of-a-kind service including our professional DJ sound system and live password protected internet streaming. The cost is as follows as of May 2022, Ceremony Streaming on it’s own is $300.00, in combination with Ceremony Music + Private channel streaming is $400.00. As an add on to any of my wedding Music or event packages  is  $300.00

        This package is based on having an internet connection via Wi-Fi or direct Ethernet connection. If this is not established with a 75% signal we are not responsible for weak or faulty internet connection. So as an act of God we are unable to stream there will be no refund of this added service, I hope you will understand this situation. If more information needed please ask.

We also supply complimentary a 2,000 Watt generator for locations that do not have direct power,

Set-up take down time is included in our prices

DJ Daddy Mack also can supply a Virtual DJ life size present. With an internet connection we can supply a 100″ screen / digital projector and laptop with internet connection WI-Fi. Can supply a life time image of your DJ. This frees up person space in your live event. But also still streaming to friends & family with connection password.

For online Streaming Examples use this click image for You-Tube link

This is how Rod DJ Daddy Mack Prepares for your event. If it is going to be live or in combination -Live & Online- Please just click on image of DJ Daddy Mack on the left

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Mix Library
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DJ Daddy Mack now offers Adaptive items. DJ Daddy Mack now can supply modern day equipment to enhance your special event. Highlights:

100″ Screen/Digital Projector

Up to 70 Meters wireless speakers can adapt

2,000 Watt quiet generator for remote event

Custom poster / ticket and web page designs for any event as well we offer social media posting if it is desired. By the design company jagworks Designs Just click image to the left.

Click image to visit Jagworks Design

Custom poster / ticket and web page designs for any event as well we offer social media posting if it is desired. By the design company jagworks Designs Just click image to the left.

Try the Services we provide

  • Sound System for large or small venues.
  • Wireless mic
  • Background Music (mixed to your request)
  • MC
  • Crowd stimulating Sound bites (i.e. “We Will Rock You”)
  • Laser lighting if requested
  • Larger venues than normal: if an extra speaker is needed please ask about the costs of extra speakers. (it will be up to the customer if extra speakers are needed)
  • We can also design posters & web pages for your event designed by jagworksdesigns   for a small fee

The DJ Daddy Mack difference

Discover in advance of your event  a consultation that ensures that clients will have the services  that best suits their needs and desires. Event packages include:

  • DJ with 40+ years experience
  • Cordless microphone
  • Complete setup and teardown
  • Sound system
  • Coordination with the venue prior to the event
  • Do-not-play list if requested 
  • 100,000 songs from  all genres 
  • CPDJA & Connect Music Licensing licensed to play digital music in any public forum.

DJ Daddy Mack offers both the equipment,  technology and experience  you’ll need for your next corporate event. This equipment includes audio/visual elements, speakers, lighting, laser effects, and more. We understand that no two corporate events are the same, a high-energy product launch event is a whole lot different from a team building event or holiday corporate party. *For cost click image below

  • Nanaimo please add
  • Discover all we have in types of music for any type of wedding including clean lyric songs for all ages with over 100,000 legal songs