Player for the Visually Challenged

DJ Daddy Mack Disco Live

Welcome to DJ Daddy Mack Disco live video show Fridays 7:00PM PST

Rod DJ Daddy Mack(c) has to this date done over 60 live streaming shows from this websites public  streaming channel online page(click here). My company also has for customers a password protected private channel to stream any event with 100% pandemic safety. 

Below I will have links to some of my live DJ streaming shows for you to get an idea of how they look and if you could use this service for any of your events safety but still having a request DJ for your event. I.E. Wedding ceremony, family birthday party, anniversary etc.

Daddy Mack Disco Live shows suspended for wedding season

Friday night on Daddy Mack Disco live on online ( found at )  I Will be taking a little break from live shows.

So please bare with me as the event and ability to dance at functions I’m getting pretty booked.


DJ Daddy Mack also can supply a Virtual DJ life size present. With an internet connection we can supply a 100″ screen / digital projector and laptop with internet connection WI-Fi. Can supply a life time image of your DJ. This frees up person space in your live event. But also still streaming to friends & family with connection password.

Player for visually challenged

Click image below to see DJ Daddy Mack Monthly Live DJ shows