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This “DJ Forever Video Card” is unique. We are a professional DJ service that is offering the ability for you to help construct and have recorded a custom video card. It includes a custom slide show made from your uploaded 10 Pictures, also add a  1-2 minute selfie personal video (upload to the picture tab). Text a list,  3 of their favorite songs. Please email DJ Daddy Mack .

I will contact you back so you can indicate when & how long you want it be be when finished.

This card can last forever, and you can send it all over the internet world. Being a video it can project your warm feelings for the person you’re sending it to…

Minimum 10 minutes $55.00

(max file size 128 MB)

(max file size 128 MB)

let us know the songs you want in the video, one song per line

  • Choose 3 favorite songs.
  • 10 favorite pictures I will put into a slide show.
  • Live DJ custom mix of your chosen music.
  • If the customer has a custom video of wishes for the special person of the card. We will add the video(s) to the “DJ Forever Video Card at no extra cost.
  • Full payment (via E-Transfer or PayPal) is made right after order is placed. Then we will start your special project.
  • Please include your contact email.
  • Please let us know the date you need it by.
  • Once project is done we will email you, with instructions on how you or your special person can download it
  • Also if you can make a short 1-2 minute personal wish selfie video upload that too in picture upload section

Your video when done you can download it from a password protected page off (page URL to come)

Payment via E-transfer or PayPal or Cash to DJ doing your video.

This is how you Schedule your event time with our 2 DJ’s,Canada Rod DJ Daddy Mack – E-

Please include your songs, Pictures, video announcements, and description of how you would like your video card to feel.

Note: All secure information photos and video’s obtained by “DJ Forever Video Card” company will be destroyed, and not passed on after video made & paid for.


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