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Affordable Micro Weddings & Events

             Weddings Anniversary, all ages Birthday, Staff Party, BBQ

              Discover with us, how to adapt your special event in this age of COVID. However, in the day of the “New Normal” DJ Daddy Mack is here,  so you can look no further for your “Social Bubble Micro Event” DJ packages,  with your  “SOCIAL BUBBLE”  (40 people or less). One of the easiest ways to ensure everyone IS SAFE celebration time of your special event. DJ Daddy Mack,  who can get the party started live and in combination stream it online to any friends or family who are not able to be present. Discover with us, how DJ Daddy Mack can make your event the most special. However,  the  “Micro Event” DJ packages,  with your  “SOCIAL BUBBLE”  (50 people or less). One of the easiest ways to ensure everyone IS SAFE celebration of your special time.  DJ Daddy Mack,  who can combine live and streaming it online to any friends or family who are online, and keep it going through the day or night. 

“Social Bubble Micro Weddings specialist”

              How do we as an industry approach the “New Normal”?  DJ Daddy Mack Sound & Design has researched the new DJ entertainment industry, and how to put the customers’ safety first. The new trend for wedding and wedding receptions is to create a “Social Bubble Micro Wedding” of 50 or fewer guests. Rod DJ Daddy Mack has created an affordable DJ entertainment solution that includes a DJ who accepts requests at the “Micro Wedding” event. DJ Daddy Mack has proven to be successful at streaming events online. He has streamed for various companies, including the Toronto Disabled Sailing Association, as well as “The Cure Starts Now” Canadian child cancer division, a virtual marathon fundraiser that was posted all over the world.

            The first option is to be totally safe and do it with a live DJ online streaming an all request event, performing from a safe location.   The second option is to do a combined live DJ at the location of reception within your “Safe Social Bubble”, then with internet connection, stream it live online for remote guests.

            DJ Daddy Mack can take requests from a single text message contact. We can then stream online to any locations accessible by internet connection. We can also offer, locally, the rental of a larger speaker to attach to your computer or internet TV at no extra charge.

Micro Wedding: DJ Daddy Mack offers 2 types of Micro Weddings.

             We have two streaming channels on our website

“Micro Event” combination 50 persons or less Only $550.00 combination live DJ system light show, also streaming your special event online on a private channel ,

Our channels are

(1) Public channel for anyone to join.

(2) A password protected Private channel.

(3) Locally we also can provide a larger speaker that we can connect to computer or TV to enhance your online event.

“Social Bubble Micro Event”combined DJ at the wedding with streaming for guests at a distance. 

            I’m putting together this proposal for companies to show clients an alternative option to offer wedding couples in this “New Normal”. We are offering a constructive affordable way for wedding couples to celebrate your most special event day,  with local and remote guests. Our streaming program can also be applied to any staff party, board meetings, birthdays as well as various smaller events.

  • Daddy Mack Sound & Design 100% guarantees (ask about Terms)
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This is the "Public Wedding Channel"
Private password protected wedding channel

Try the Services we provide

  • Discover a DJ with 40+ years experience
  • We also supply a Cordless microphone
  • Complete setup and teardown
  • Appropriate Sound system for the venue
  • Minimum 1.5 Hour set-up time before your event at no extra cost
  • We coordinate with the venue prior to your wedding date
  • See the attention we use to decide how we put together your music to play and music not to play.
  • We have in our service over, 100,000 legal digital songs of all genres.
  • Our DJ’s are CPDJA & Connect Music Licensing licensed to play digital music in any public forum.
  • We can also supply online event streaming from a private channel.
  • Daddy Mack Sound & Design 100% guarantee (ask about Terms

Should you need a safe alternative to our “New Normal”. DJ Daddy Mack now offers an affordable “Micro Events” event in Live  streaming your special event online. On a private channel for all who wish to experience your special day, but can’t be there. DJ Daddy Mack Micro event combination. You can now have a live on site DJ ( sound lights) in combination, streaming online private channel with friends all over the world!

Cost: “Micro Event” online only $250.00 for 3 hours. requests via texting.

“Micro Event” combination 40 persons or less Only $550.00 combination live DJ system light show, also streaming your special event online on a private channel

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Try the DJ Daddy Mack difference

  • We providing music styles custom designed for you!
  • Providing your MC with a printed list of what is planned  to make the reception run smoothly
  • Discover the DJ Daddy Mack gift basket
  • Experience our custom designed Request Sheets for the tables
  • We ask for a collection of 20 of the couples favorite songs to put on a 4 Custom CD’s.
    “DJ Daddy Mack brings you back to the music you Love!”
  • We provide a free 2 hour Music consultations for weddings included in deposit
  • Ask about our “Micro Weddings”
  • Daddy Mack Sound & Design 100% guarantee (ask about Terms)