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DJ Daddy Mack Events Page Information

This “DJ Forever Video Card” is unique. We are a professional DJ service that is offering the ability for you to help construct and have recorded a custom video card. It includes a custom slide show made from your uploaded 10 Pictures, also add a  1-2 minute selfie personal video (upload to the picture tab). Text a list,  3 of their favorite songs. CLICK LOGO

DJ Daddy Mack puts his custoomer first. With a DJ remote on a private password protected channel at your event. You can still have both, live request DJ with an extra person to enjoy your event. If your venue has an internet connection, we will supply a 90”screen with s digital projector. This can be hooked into an internet connection. DJ Daddy Mack will zoom meet with you to discuss music for any section of your event. CLICK LOGO

“DJ Daddy Mack” The New Normal Ask about our all request 100% SAFE online DJ services for any event, i.e. Birthday(young or old), For any event. Special with DJ Daddy Mack live online safe event, when booking a all request online 100% safe event in August 2020. You will be supplied with a complimentary 500 watt speaker in Victoria BC only. For a minimal charge, we can be hooked up to your computer or TV.  CLICK LOGO

Here is why your son’s/daughter’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration will be one of the most memorable and joyous events in his/her life. You want everything to be flawless, and DJ Daddy Mack  will make sure this day is as perfect as it should be. CLICK LOGO

This is how Rod DJ Daddy Mack Prepares for your memorable event. If it is going to be live with all your special songs. Also to include family and friends from all over the world we can now stream your event online. So now you can include friends from all over the world. With this unique option that can keep all safe. CLICK LOGO

The experience of corporate events can often be more about business than pleasure, but that really doesn’t have to be the case. With DJ Daddy Mack the great way to entertain business people at any corporate event is music experience by DJ Daddy Mack.  CLICK LOGO

DJ Daddy Mack provides the right set up and equipment to get your party started quickly. Each event and crowd differs so you need a DJ who will ensure that the needs of your party will be met. We can help you entertain and celebrate your SOCIAL BUBBLE. CLICK LOGO

Need a DJ for your next sporting event? Choose DJ Daddy Mack who has the skill and experience to play the perfect tracks to keep your crowd engaged and the athletes pumped up. The right music at your next sporting event takes the vibe to a whole new level with Rod DJ Daddy Mack. CLICK LOGO

DJ Daddy Mack History Click here
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Try the Services we provide

  • Discover a DJ with 40+ years experience
  • We also supply a Cordless microphone
  • Complete setup and teardown
  • Appropriate Sound system for the venue
  • Minimum 1.5 Hour set-up time before your event at no extra cost
  • We coordinate with the venue prior to your wedding date
  • See the attention we use to decide how we put together your music to play and music not to play.
  • We have in our service over, 100,000 legal digital songs of all genres.
  • Our DJ’s are CPDJA & Connect Music Licensing licensed to play digital music in any public forum.
  • We can also supply online event streaming from a private channel.
  • Daddy Mack Sound & Design 100% guarantee (ask about Terms
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Custom poster/ ticket and web page design. For any event, we also offer social media posting on most major social media site. Design is done by the online digital designers of Jackworks Design click logo left

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