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LGBTQ Wedding DJ

Discover DJ Daddy Mack believes that when it’s real, love is love! We proudly work with the LGBTQ community, because everyone should feel comfortable on their most precious day and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Weddings are stressful enough without worrying if you will feel comfortable with your event vendors. As an LGBTQ friendly vendor, we stress the importance of taking the time to get to know our clients on a personal level, helping them to feel comfortable with their entertainment choices and for us to provide a better level of custom DJ services.

If you are having an outdoor event or are in a place that does not have an existing sound system in place, we will arrive with all the necessary equipment. Our wedding packages can also provide lighting, and other equipment requested for the event.

Many couples want a wedding DJ who is going to be the life of the party and able to entertain the event. We will come dressed accordingly for your event and keep everything professional and family friendly. DJ Daddy Mack has a large selection of music available and we guarantee you will not be disappointed!

  • Daddy Mack Sound & Design 100% guarantee’s (ask about Terms)

Have to cut down the size of your wedding and move it to a smaller venue still want to have memorable music for your special day. DJ Daddy Mack can custom make music for each portion of your ceremony and reception. and put it on USB or CD. Music is free just cost of time and material to put it together. We have all types of music please click below on music types, to see which genre of music works for you. Call, email or text

DJ Daddy Mack(c) 250-216-8401

Mix Library
Click here to Experience the variety of DJ Daddy Mack Party Mixes
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Custom poster / ticket and web page designs for any event as well we offer social media posting if it is desired. By the design company jagworks Designs Just click image to the left. Click Here for prices

Try the Services we provide

  • Discover our DJ with 40+ years experience
  • We supply a cordless microphone
  • Complete setup and teardown
  • Appropriate Sound system for the venue
  • Minimum 1.5 Hour set up time before event at no extra cost
  • Co-ordination with the venue prior to the event
  • We put together your music to play and music not to play if requested
  • 100,000 legal digital songs
  • CPDJA & Connect Music Licensing licensed to play digital music in any public forum.
  • Daddy Mack Sound & Design 100% guarantee’s (ask about Terms)

Discover the DJ Daddy Mack difference

  • We provide music styles to custom music design for our clients
  • We,  free of charge, provide your family MC a printed list of what to do to make the reception run smoothly
  • Experience our DJ Daddy Mack gift basket
  • Custom designed Request Sheets for the tables
  • We ask for a  collection of  20 of the couples favorite songs and mix them on 4  Custom CD’s.
    “DJ Daddy Mack brings you back to the music you Love!”
  • Free 2 hour Music consultations for weddings included in deposit
  • Daddy Mack Sound & Design 100% guarantee’s (ask about Terms)
swag bag wedding gifts
Swag Prize This is the swag bag gift bag all couples get from DJ Daddy Mack collection
  • Nanaimo please add
  • We have all types of music for any and all occasions or holidays over 10,00,000 legal songs